[WATCH] The Haunting Roar This Skyscraper Makes in the Wind!

A skyscraper in Manchester, UK is causing distress to local residents by emitting a howling “banshee” wail in high winds.

The sound that emanates from Beetham Tower changes according to weather conditions, and – at various stages – has been compared to a whale, an air-raid siren, and screams from a horror film.

Resident Ian Simpson, an architect who believes that the disturbance is caused by wind rushing over the blade that tops the tower, commented: “I am completely aware of the noise because I live at the top of the building. At the end of the day, it’s not supposed to make noise. We have got to address that because it’s causing distress.”

Engineers have scaled the $225m, 47-storey tower on several occasions in a bid to rectify the problem. Nevertheless, the high-pitched humming has continued to irritate its inhabitants and neighbours.

Several local residents have even taken to Twitter to voice their concerns:

@bevismusson Beetham Tower is wailing like a banshee in the wind today. Proper spooky noise all across the city.

@grant_rob I think I heard the Beetham Tower noise this afternoon. Panic over: it’s not a UFO

‏@JobeyJoe11 The Beetham tower is making its weird wind noise and everyone looks terrified #Manchester#AlienInvasion

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