[WATCH] Carrie Underwood & James Corden Get Down On A Country Karaoke Car Ride

The car ride started off by singing and jamming out to Carrie’s song “Smoke Break,” the first single off her latest album Storyteller. The two also talked about the Country singer’s hockey star husband Mike Fisher. We learned that Carrie isn’t afraid when he gets into a fight out on the rink. She said, “Have you seen his latest fight? He knocked a guy’s tooth out. It was pretty hot.”

Then, Carrie’s hit “Jesus Take The Wheel” came blaring through the car’s speakers, and after singing their hearts out to the tune, Jesus actually took the wheel.

jesus take the wheel

Afterwards, James was feelin’ really Country. So he decided he needed to Countrify himself, and stopped at a boot shop to go cowboy boot shopping. Because, as Carrie put it to him, “The boots are our roots.” He walked out with a cowboy hat instead.

boot shopping

What do you do after purchasing a bada** cowboy hat, and you look like the Wild West’s biggest outlaw? Belt out Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” with the Country star herself, of course.

before he cheats

Such an amazing song must have made James ask Carrie for this next challenge. The two had a contest to see who could hold the longest note. Not actually sure who the clear winner was here.

holding note

Talk about ending on a good note — but not before learning one more thing about our dear Carrie. Apparently, she’s a HUGE Wham! fan, and knows every word to every song. So naturally, the proper thing to do end their Car Pool Karaoke sesh was a good ol’ fashioned sing along to Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”  All that was missing was an orange mocha frappuccino a la Zoolander.

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