Transforming The Dance Floor

Ministry of Sound, started out as a nightclub in London 1991. Since then alot has changed with more venues & mediums that grew from the brands evolution.

minsitryRecently it was announced the brand had reached out to partner with another interesting company, Dolby. The meeting was brought up from an idea that luckily for us made it off the cutting room floor. With the audio giants new Atmos system yeilding such great results from it’s use in movie theaters by giving an almost 4 dimensional character to the dynamics of the sound. This gave sound designers the chance to get very specific with how the sound was recieved by the audience like having an explosion sound as if it went off in the lower right corner of the theater while bombs cascade overhead taking the movie going experience to another level.

So where does Ministry Of Sound come into play? Well… They’ve come together with Dolby to create the worlds first surround sound dancefloor! That’s right, With the way they have been able to utilize the technology for use in the cinema, now it is being unleashed in the club. We’re talking a ” Multi-dimensional Soundscape ” for the attendees to experience which i would have to assume by the details released is unlike anything else. For more on the project watch the video below:

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