TOP EDM Djs and Producers React to AVICII’s Shocking Announcement of Retirement

Say what you will about Swedish dance music producer and DJ Avicii, but the man has had more of an impact on our scene than almost anyone. From “Levels” to “Wake Me Up,” two blockbuster radio hits which thrust EDM into the spotlight, and every semi-forgotten remix in between, his music has touched hundreds of millions. I can personally attest to his music significantly impacting my life, with his early pre-Avicii mixtapes (when he was known simply as Tim Berg) serving as my first true introduction to the world of electronic dance music.

And, I’m not the only one, as evident by the barrage of tweets and shared memories from DJs/producers and fans from all across the world. Here are just a few below, from Oliver Heldens to The Chainsmokers and, of course, an expected sarcastic jab (or two) from our favorite troll himself, deadmau5.

Check out the responses to Avicii’s retirement below.


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