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These Drunk Chicks Discuss The Details Behind Administering Their First BJs

The blowjob is not just a crude and rude method of non-vaginal sexual stimulation. It’s also an art form. It can can take months, perhaps even years to perfect the oral technique. Now, I have never personally given a BJ but I have received a few, and I can even remember my first one … Needless to say, I can confirm that they do indeed improve with age. Like cheese, or a fine wine.

Anyway, our favourite YouTube channel and all-round cheeky chaps, Simple Pickup are back with another highly NSFW video – so headphones in. This time, the team conducted a Q&A session with some attractive drunk girls and asked them about the first time they ever gave head.


As you can imagine, there was a mixture of positive and negative first-time experiences, as well as a hilarious trip down memory lane. The girls also go into detail about how many BJs they’ve given, how “it” tastes and provide viewers with some useful advice on how they can perfect their own oral methods. By the sounds of things, practice really does make perfect.

Note to self: buy mangos.

Being fair to the ladies, they’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about; sex should be discussed openly. Not only will it help rid sex of its “dirty” reputation, but it also makes for a damn entertaining internet video.


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