These 420 Girls of Instagram, Will Help You Get Through The Year To the Next 420 Holiday!

The stoner holiday that is 420 has now come and gone.

Stoners worldwide had a big ol’ smoke up with friends and maybe even family to celebrate the unofficial holiday, but now we have to wait another 363 days of the year for it to all happen again. So what do we do in the meantime?

Well, if you’re feeling the post-420 blues, you could always follow this awesome Instagram account.

Girls Who Smoke Weed does pretty much what it says on the tin and will probably inspire you to go out on a quest to befriend some stoner girls, or at least follow them on IG.

The Internet was pretty much created for drugs and boobs, so why not embrace it? One thing’s for sure, this account will make you look at your weed a whole lot differently.

Because who needs a rolling box anyway?

When you can just use someone’s bum…

They also get high on their own supply.

And eat it too, because why not?

A lot of them do, apparently.

And they smoke up like an absolute boss.

But they also like to bathe in it like a queen.

And use it as a replacement for a bra.

Or pants, obviously.

But above all they give zero fucks.

And that’s why we love them!

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