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From 2010, Bassnectar has been organizing Bass Center. A focal point for all his fans to converge and get treated to an elevated experience comparing them to average tour stops. If you could call Bassnectar playing anywhere ” average ” but with the growing success of both his career and the series along with the ever growing fan base, He wondered just how much bigger things could get. Well.. When it comes to determining if your going to go hit a specific festival it tends to be a deciding factor ( good or bad ) that could easily be hinged on the performers moniker appearing or being missing from a festival flyer. Adding to the equation was his continued issues with sound ordinances including his favorite venue, Red Rocks Amphitheater which has changed it’s regulations. So what does he do? Creates his own festival that’s what, If that wasn’t great enough it’s all also camping optional!

So we have Bassnectar at the helm of his own music festival nestled in Colorado right in the middle of Summer, What could make it better? The line up.
Fans will surely be able to agree this combination of talent and styles from hip hop to rap, live electronica to trap with alot in between I’m sure as all these artists tend to push the boundaries of music. For more information on tickets, camping and everything else head over to

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