Step Into This Pagani

A stray dog is standing obstinately in the centre of my turning circle. I am mid-manoeuvre, trying to turn and point the Huayra BC back up the road for another pass through a picturesque set of corners that opens onto a long straight, and said dog is completely unphased by the €2.3m, 789bhp rolling carbon-fibre work of art using him as a mobile mini-roundabout. As I wait for the photographer to reposition and call me through, my slightly careworn canine friend is eyeballing the car with an unmistakeable gleam: it seems that Horacio Pagani’s newest creation has an early admirer. As I set off for another pass, so does my new four-legged fan club, keen to demonstrate that dogs are better than hypercars. The most uneven contest in drag race history doesn’t last long and as I fire off up the hill, the supercar-hunting beagle shrinks in the mirrors. I can almost feel his canine disappointment.


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