This Festival Is Unlike Any Other, Have You Heard About It?

So right off the bat, The festival is in the West Kootenay Mountains in Canada. So if you have been looking to go to an event outside of the US well then this may just be the ticket! After making the journey to the grounds you are instantly warped into a world transformed specifically for your enjoyment, With 5 days crammed with enough audio and visual stimulation to keep you more than entertained during the stay.

One of the things that sets this festival apart from others is it’s six stages. All hosting their own environment, set up & atmosphere. The area’s go as follows: The Living Room, AMPhitheater, The Fractal Forest, The Village, The Grove, Nebula, and The Pagoda (formerly Main Stage). What’s more awesome is their homegrown system set in place, They don’t use any sponsors to help fund each passing years event. Instead they run off volunteers who manage the various aspects of the festival, and it works!

There’s so many festivals nowadays yet few that accomplish creating their own world full of immersion for it’s attendees, These artists show up and know from the start they aren’t playing a normal gig that night. They are at the helm of some spectacular looking stages & the excitement felt can be heard through their performances. This year will mark the 19th anniversary proving their doing something right here!

Below is this years recently announced lineup:


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