Can This Nightclub Change The Importance Of A Dj?

Vegas, Home of some of the most over paid residencies in America with companies like Wynn holding down an impressive roster itself including A-Trak, Diplo, Kaskade to name a few. With some artists like Alesso who retain their exclusivity there’s definite appeal in trying to catch a set from since he doesn’t usually play any other avenues in the US. Then on the other hand there are circumstances like Calvin Harris whose pulling in $400,000 ( Nightly! ) from the casino but could be seen at festivals like Coachella in California or The Hangout Festival in Alabama this year with a slew of other artists. But we’re not here for that tired ” Dj’s get paid too much ” BS, Well, Kind of. Wynn themselves are preparing for the grand opening of their new venue renovation transforming Tryst into Intrigue and have a very specific vision in place that could be a game changer for the nightlife industry by providing a different approach to throwing an event.
From the excitement of first catching a glimpse of an upcoming shows lineup or the feels when getting to an event and hearing the music seeping out of the building, It’s great. With most shows though, the only difference you’ll find overall is the talent performing and not the experience. You’ll get the $100,000 + lightning package, Maybe 50,000 watts or so of sound, possibly even some Co2 blasters and two dancers with a single LED board set up behind Dj(s). So is it even an issue to press? Should it even be a factor that gets more of a focus in today’s scene? Do you guys feel like your getting enough on that end? Sean Christie, Chief Operating Officer at Wynn Las Vegas doesn’t think so. With that sentiment he’s gone to the effort creating an interesting vision for their new venue, Intrigue.  One of the things he noted was the VIP area that will discourage social media in hopes of igniting more interaction Another aim is to take the Dj off the pedestal. ” The Dj is no longer the most important part of the recipe ” he adds, How do you pull that off? That’s where Mark Shunock comes into play, Utilizing his extensive background in Broadway to bring to life what their trying to capture in terms of atmosphere.

intrigue Sean’s looking to up the ante on the visual / interactive dynamic  for those that want the nightclub but crave more than the same setup used for most times which opt to put focus on the lineup while leaving much to be desired in all the other departments.
So right off the jump, He announced no major acts will perform at this nightclub ( Claiming special occasions could bring special performers ). Overall pushing away from big name acts and creating an alternative to other events designed to pack you in a crowd facing a general direction with little to really keep engaged, Wynn hope to keep things fluid instead of locking one thing in.
If things go as planned, Every time you enter the nightclub you’ll be put in a whole new environment with each outing offering different Costumed performers, Backdrops and Lighting set ups to create a new experience. Let’s hope others take note & Step it up, Intrigue opens up it’s doors on April 28th next month if you happen to be out on the strip.
There are plenty of fantastic talent buyers who continue to make sure your area gets it’s dose of talent & production companies capable of putting up the budge. Even though people will always patron these festivals and events, If prices continue to hike with little to no addition to the experience being offered fans will always notice. For me, One of the biggest selling points with electronic music is how stimulating and climatic it can seem to make life appear. Why wouldn’t i want the same awe inspiring spirit conveyed into events I’m enjoying with a mass of people there for the same reasons. Some places already offer similar ideology supplying the crowd with more to take in from EDC style performers interacting with people, Aerial dancers overhead, Water usage & Rotating dance floors which all add extra character to show.

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