If You Don’t Cry During This Spine-Tingling Disney A Cappella Medley You Might Not Have a Soul

The newly released Disney love songs medley recorded by today’s top a cappella groups is everything magical from your childhood combined with the most impressive musical talents the industry has to offer.

If the soaring harmonies don’t stir something inside of you, you might want to seek out a therapist.

Kirstin Maldonado of The Pentatonix and her boyfriend, Jeremy Michael Lewis, teamed up with a cappella collective Voctave for the medley, which includes favorites from “Tangled,” “Tarzan,” and “Hercules.”

You can totally tell that Lewis it completely smitten with Maldonado throughout the whole thing, which just makes your heart melt even more.

“We’re both huge Disney fans so we knew it was the perfect fit for us to perform together,” said Maldonado.

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