Idiot Guy Takes Selfie With Suicide Bomber, Internet PhotoShoppers Go Nuts!

Everyone in the whole entire world is now aware of this picture. It’s infamous.

However, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, this is Ben Innes. When he found himself in a hostage situation, after Seif Eldin Mustafa hijacked the EgyptAir flight bound for Cairo from Alexandria, forcing it to redirect to Cyprus, he saw his opportunity for a picture and took it.

Yes, you read that correctly. He got a picture with a suicide bomber. Well, it turned out the bomb was fake. But he didn’t know that at the time.

ANYWAY. The wonders of the internet have prevailed again, and he’s been Photoshopped into more incredibly inappropriate situations by Twitter user Mockeree.

Check them out…


And to be topical as all hell…

Credit: Twitter/Mockeree

Amazing work, Mockeree.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image: Ben Innes

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