[WATCH] Hard With Style, Now That The US Is Embracing Take A Look Inside This Hard Hitting Genre


Hardstyle, The Dutch peoples answer to electronic music. Luckily for us this genre didn’t stay tucked in the Netherlands for long before it began making it’s way into new areas. America on the other hand had always seemed resistant as a whole to the genre even though they was enough fans for companies like Insomniac, ID&T and Q-dance. Hopefully we’ll get more events in the pipeline as the high BPM genre seems to gain more and more footing over here in the states thanks to the growing integration of hardstyle incorporated to other more popular genres, Helping get the music heard by more people thus giving it more of a chance to grow.

And grow it did! With producers like Carnage fully supporting the effort as seen during his Ultra 2016 set:

Well, One of the artists who had a slew of their tunes played out was the duo Skellism. Having previously covered their work in the past i already knew these guys were going places with the trap infused hardstyle & hardstyle infused trap music they were creating. Another artist making moves to keep the genre out is Headhunterz, Whose podcast series Hard With Style is growing it’s fan base by the day.

We also couldn’t possibly forget to mention DJ Kutski who also helms his own mix series simply dubbed Keeping The Rave Alive or KTRA. Taking it a set further he’s even brought it to the event end of things providing another medium to enjoying the series a step further!

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