Guide To Hitting All Your Favorite Festivals On A Budget or Even FREE!

Music Festival, We all love them. With each year it seems we lose one festival and gain two more making things tough on the the decision making side for the fans. Some of these outings are within budget for most with prices ranging from $80 to $120 & the big ones easily coming in at about 300+ usually not including camping. The average attendee has to make the tough choice on selecting just one or two of the many festivals going down throughout the year but that doesn’t have to be the case!
There are a number of ways to work out your festival needs so lets get right into it:

First method to utilize is the layaway options being offered by more companies, It’s actually surprising that more people aren’t making use of this option. If planned out correctly you should be able to make payments on a few festivals over the course of 4 or 5 months without completely decimating your budget for one give month on a single festival.

Second method is working with your area’s production company as most will get involved with these festivals if they are located within a given area close to the grounds. Going this route helps you earn your entry into the big event leaving you room to focus of the other things you’ll have to get down pact. Usually the work will entail support via social media, sending invitations to your friends and distributing flyers. All in all, not a bad way to go if your trying to hit all these events without going in debt each month.
wet4Third method? Take advantage of opportunities provided by companies like W.E.T. and Street Shimon, What are these groups? W.E.T. aka The Work Exchange Team is set up to give you various options to locking in multiple festivals with the added bonus of being able to cement your way in to multiple festivals during the same period of time with Street Shimon offering a similar platform. How does it work exactly? Go to www.workexchangeteam.com or www.streetshimon.com, Register and then begin checking out the available festivals to begin campaigns for then proceed to find actions you can take to earn the amount of points required for entry which can include VIP among other cool bonus. Additionally, They’ll offer opportunities to work right before, during or after the festival as well if doing the work needed via the campaigns isn’t your thing. You can set up to be at the grounds days before to help set up, Show up at events start and help work during it or stay after it’s said and done to help with clean up. Now their will be a deposit but this is to ensure you will accomplish what you agreed to and not walk off on your duties, Deposit is returned to each W.E.T. member two weeks after the events end with work signed off on.
Is that last route worth it? ” I don’t want to be stuck working while my friends are all enjoying themselves at the stages.. ” well it’s actually not a bad move, Having done it myself the first year i attended Electric Forest. They ask you ahead of time for the top sets you want to catch daily and make sure your free for them, You get special access behind the scenes and could even end up personally assisting your fellow campers and the artists themselves. Plus, You get in free with your camping and a meal included daily if i remember correctly. Check them out!

From the East coast to the West this year we’re getting bombarded with some really great festivals so don’t let yourself be that person that gets depressed missing out on each one , go get more involved!

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