A Brief Look At Cartoons And Electronic Dance Music

Cartoons, Alot of us watch them. From Kids shows to adult themed content, Anime to Comic book adaptations it’s all great to this writer. Something else I’m a long running fan of is electronic music having been an avid listener from as young as 4 years old and I always seem to notice when it appears anywhere on it’s own. With the progress the genre has had over the years it’s become increasingly common to hear the music used over various platforms, So of course cartoons would see the treatment as well. Here are some popular series where edm music has found it’s way into:

American Dad ( Deadmau5 )

Adventure Time ( Party Pat )

Regular Show ( Brain Explosion )

Samurai Jack ( Jack & The Rave )

Symbiotic Titans ( Twerking )

Gravity Falls ( Wierdmagedon Party )

Teen Titans ( Life Of The Party )

There are masses of examples out there, Keep an eye out next time your on a cartoon binge!

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